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Hotel Capital San Jose Costa Rica

Welcome to Hotel Capital San Jose Costa Rica.
We offer 15 Rooms all equipped with TV Cable, Private Bathroom, Hot Water, Fan, Double orthopedic bed, available rooms for two / three beds. Located in the historical downtown of San Jose, near to almost all the bus station to travel around the country and outside (Panama, Nicaragua). A large historical Costa Rican B/W Pictures collection.

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Our hotels could be your base for first and last night and transit around the country. We offer you security box, luggage store, laundry sevice, airport pick up , free tourist information, tours, car rental. We are so friendly, you can be sure we will always try to do our best for your comfort in our hotels - cheap and good accommodation.






GENERAL INFORMATION Gandoca Manzanillo is a National Wildlife Refuge of a mixed type. Its most important ecosystems are the yellow sand beaches and wetlands, including swamps, lagoons, inundated forests, coral reefs, banks of marine flowering plants and algae.

The combination of landscapes of land, beach, and sea, add to the local culture and make it very attractive for visitors. It protects the habitat of endangered species such as the manatee and marine turtles. To the south of Mona Point, remains the only a remnant of the rubber tree forests in the South Caribbean part of the country. The conservation and sustainable management of these ecosystems is carried in conjunction with the participation of the communities, since this is the central axis for the management of this Refuge.

In the Refuge there is only one life form: the Tropical Moist Forest which follows the general climatic pattern typical of the South Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, with a decrease of precipitation between January and April, September and October.

LOCATION The Gandoca Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge is located on the southwest of the Costa Rican Caribbean coast, between the river mouths of the Cocles and Sixaola rivers, in the province of Limòn, county of Talamanca, district of Sixaola. It belongs to the Amistad Caribe Conservation Area. The Manzanillo sector is accessed by following the Puerto Viejo road 71 km from the center of Limòn, while the sector of the Gandoca Lagoon is accessed by the road that communicates Bri-Brì­ with Sixaola 95 km from the center of Limòn.

ACCESS The Refuge is located 203 Km from San Josè and 71 km from the city of Limòn (Manzanillo sector). It is also possible to access it via the Gandoca sector, located 95 km from the city of Limòn, using the road communicating Bri-Bri and Sixaola.

RECOMMENDED ACTIVITIES Guided tours for the observation of the leatherback turtles spawning during the months of February through May. Observation of dolphins. Diving in the coral reef sectors. Hikes in the forest. Horseback rides. Boat trips. Bird watching. Sun, sea and beach. Kayak in the sea and creek. Visits to Indigenous Reserves. Strolls in the town

SERVICES OFFERED General information, restrooms, potable water, lunch area, access by paved road, restaurants, hotels, cabins in the vicinity and local guides.

REGULATIONS Do not bother, maltreat nor trap the wildlife. It is prohibited the extraction of plants and animals, without the official authorization. Do not drive on the beach. At Sector Punta Cocles - Punta Mona it is prohibited to ride aquatic motorbikes. Bonfires are allowed only at indicated sites. Fishing is allowed only with string and hook. Avoid walking on corals.


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